Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Conceptual Design Assignment

I'd like to change direction and stimulate dialogue on a conceptual piece by one of our firm's interns. The design assignment was to create a lampshade out of a fixed square footage of watercolor paper. I think this piece is particularly interesting because it marks a departure from the style our firm generally works in - our pieces are usually driven by functionality or historical reference, whereas this piece is a deliberate evocation of the natural world. The designer was interested in exploring light and its diffusion, and took as a starting point a childhood experience in which he had clambered through shards of ice strewn by a passing ice-breaker on Lake Michigan. Like ice, the material used is transparent enough that a certain degree of light is able to shine through. However, its most interesting effect is the way in which it scatters light from its reflective surfaces into fascinating patterns on the wall and ceiling.

We'd love to hear feedback on this concept! Please feel free to comment below.

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