Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Weathered Palette

 These are a few photos from a recent expedition around Leelanau County, in northern Michigan. It's sort of funny to see this part of the country in mid-March, because it is neither the sunkissed summer season when harassed Detroiters flock northward by the thousands, nor the picturesque white Christmas season. It's the way a resort town looks in the sort of in-between times. It's like catching a glimpse of the fairgrounds after all the tents have been taken down, the horses have gone home, and all that's left of the ferris wheel is a twisted shard of iron. There's a sort of forlorn beauty in this abandonment, which isn't really loneliness but a kind of hibernating expectation. The photograph at the top is actually the Leland township jail - kind of what would happen if Edward Hopper designed Martha Stewart's incarceration. The second photo is the Lake Michigan shoreline - usually dotted with parasols and kids playing frisbee, but looking in this shot like the North Sea.

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