Sunday, July 31, 2011


Photo in Gordes, France by Kathleen Wills
I seem to be obsessed with stone. In all it's forms - limestone, granite, pietra cardosa... I am especially enthralled when it is used as a building material in the area from whence it came. Such as in this photograph from a small hilltown in southern France, Gordes. The limestone is ubiquitous in this region as it is the material that the mountains and hills are comprised of. Thus, when it is used as a building and paving material, it appears as if the landscape and structures are one; the houses grow up out of the land. The pale, sunwashed, organic uniformity of the stone combined with the cool, linear quality of the door in a complimentary color are absolutely sublime. Simple, honest, straightforward.

Would you agree? Feel free to contribute your thoughts, ideas and photos of similar uses of stone.