Wednesday, October 17, 2012



There is something subtly unique and extremely appealing about an authentic French mayonnaise. It tastes of lemon and fine mustard without being overpowering. A very common commercial brand, MAILLE, is sold everywhere in France but is almost impossible to come by in the States. Their superb mustard, "Dijon Originale" is easily found – just not the mayonnaise. It made our day when we discovered that the equivalent is very simple to duplicate in about fifteen minutes, as demonstrated by our Parisian friend, Bastien, in this video: how to make an authentic french mayonnaise

This delicious version requires only one cup of vegetable oil (NEver olive oil!), an egg, salt and a small amount of a good french mustard (such as Delouis Fils - Strong Mustard, or Maille Dijon Originale). An immersion blender is very helpful in blending the ingredients. Note: important to refrigerate immediately and use within a day or two due to the inclusion of the egg. Enjoy on a baguette with a few thin slices of mild radish and brie!