Tuesday, March 11, 2014


A new furniture collection that we recently designed was just launched by LAND OF NOD. It is always a celebration each time one new product goes into production, not to mention a whole slew of them!

Land of Nod is a children's furnishings company that I've worked with since they were in their infancy (sorry) ten years ago and have loved every minute!! They are sincere, communicative, and creative people who work with illustrators and designers to bring about new products. Also nice from where we sit is that they are based in Chicago, a mere hop from one side of Lake Michigan to the other. Windsurfing to meetings, however, requires scheduling a bit more time.

This collection is available through the Land of Nod in white, grey and midnight blue. But there's more! A new custom version made of steel, plywood and bolts is in the making and will be available directly through Kathleen Wills Design. Give us a ring if you're interested and would like to see a photo!

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